Fort Lauderdale’s Best Greek Restaurant – Keese’s Simply Delicious

Imagine you’re planning a date with significant other and you can’t decide where to eat. You’re craving chicken wings, while he or she wants falafel and a chicken kebab. Keese’s Simply Delicious American & Mediterranean can soothe your respective cravings. As we cook and prepare dishes from both sides of the ocean. Led by our owner and chef operator, Denise. We have a team of chefs who specialize in their own respective regions including for our catering events and planning. So you can taste the authentic flavor of each culture’s food.

Our Chef Consultants Are:

Wisam Tarhini
Lebanese Chef Consultant

Yannis Diassinos
Greek Chef Consultant


You may ask, “how did a Mediterranean restaurant incorporate menu items from a BBQ restaurant?”

We acquired a famous chicken recipe created in 1965 from Kesse’s, who were former occupants of our location. In keeping with tradition, we’ve adopted some of their popular menu items that our customers love.

Whether you order a Philly cheese steak or baba ganoush, everything is cooked to order from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. Nothing is ever frozen and everything is bought fresh. Our portions are generous, so don’t be concerned if you have leftovers. We want you to get more than your money’s worth.